Delegation Service

Tezos is the world's first self-amending cryptocurrency voted by its users.
StackTezos executes its own transaction verification node, improving network decentralization and resilience.

Participate in the Tezos network by delegating your baking rights :

Receive 90% of your rewards, 10% fees applied by the service
Receive your reward payment in time at every cycle (~ 3 days)
Track your past and future earnings from your dedicated dashboard (coming soon)
Be informed of our voting intentions for each protocol update
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  • Technical expertise

    Passionate about new technology, we have many years of professional experience in tech companies. We have also technical expertise and successful experience in blockchain sector.

  • Transparency

    You can, at any moment, keep track of all the information about Tezos transactions and the delegation rewards online. We will always do our best to keep your personal information secure by making all actions legal and transparent.

  • Reliability & Communication

    Our delegation service is easy and simple. We are here to accompany you and open to discuss if you have any question.


We believe that technologies will improve our life and make more dreams come true.
In addition, we both like human communication, so feel free to write to us!


How to delegate to StackTezos?

Register on the website and you follow the step by step delegation tutorial sent to you by email. Do not forget to follow the activation link in this email to complete your registration, it will help us to keep contact with you when necessary
Meanwhile, you need a wallet to manage your delegation. If you don’t have one, read the next question :)

How to create a Wallet?

A wallet is a software allowing you create account and manage your funds. There are many websites or app providing wallet, such as TezBox.

Do I take any risk delegating to StackTezos?

No, there is NO risk for you. We do not have access to your fund, you will never lose your Tezos by delegating to us. You only could not receive rewards but this is not our intention and we have more to lose by not doing it.
Also you still can spend your coins even when they are being delegated to us.

How much is the fee?

For now, our service charge is 10%. That's to say, you have 90% of your rewards generated following the amount you delegate to us.

How to keep track of my rewards information?

We will publish accounting sheet for every cycle. We are now establishing the best way to introduce this to you. We will make an annoncement by email, when it will be done. Stay tuned!

Is it possible to stop my delegation service?

Yes. You can cancel your delegation at any moment by choosing another delegation service only. Though, if the cycle is underway, you won’t be able to get the reward of this cycle.

When do I receive my rewards?

The Tezos protocol admits a gap between the allocation of rights, baking and receiving rewards. That is a total difference of 13 cycles (~ 38 days ).

StackTezos starts baking 7 cycles after the cycle number of your delegation. In the 8th cycle the platform Tezos attributes and locks the rewards for 5 cycles. After these 5 cycles, the rewards are available and StackTezos gives you your rewards due directly on your KT1 account of your wallet.

Know that you will receive your rewards after each cycle (~ 3 days) referring to the rewards that were baked during the 7th cycle.

Similarly, when you stop the delegation, you will continue to receive your rewards until you exhaust your baking rights.